Forest Opportunity Roadmap (FOR)/Maine announces of an Action Plan to grow Maine’s forest industry

A coalition working to boost Maine’s forest economy announced its action plan at the University of Maine on Sept. 25. Forest Opportunity Roadmap/Maine (FOR/Maine), a coalition working to diversify the state’s wood products businesses, attract capital investments, and develop greater economic prosperity for communities impacted by recent mill closures, announced a plan to grow Maine’s […]

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FBRI faculty and REU participants are heading for a week long trip to the University of Concepción-UDT, Chile

University of Maine professors, Dr. David Neivandt and Dr. Douglas Gardner with Tracy Vassiliev, a science teacher from the Doughty Middle school, Bangor have been collaborating with the University of Concepción-UDT, Chile under the Reseach Experience for the Undergradutes (REU) program. The participating undergradutes came from different states and have been working on their interested […]

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