Technology Research Center

Inside the University of Maine Technology Research Center

The Technology Research Center (TRC), in Old Town, Maine, is a commercial-scale facility dedicated to advancing developing fuel, chemical and advanced material technologies from forest bioproducts.

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Process Development Center

The Nanomaterial Pilot Plant at the University of Maine

The Process Development Center (PDC) is a fee-for-service facility on campus devoted to pulp and paper research and development and home to a nanocellulose production facility and a pilot paper machine that can be used to explore applications of nanocellulose in papermaking. PDC supplies nanocellulose globally and works with industry on mill scale nanocellulose application development.

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Affiliated Labs

Individual researchers affiliated with FBRI maintain their own labs, including:

The Laboratory of Renewable Nanomaterials 

UMaine Catalysis Group

Gramlich Research Group

The Paper Surface Science Program