Director Pendse received 2012 Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award

In three decades at the University of Maine, Hemant Pendse has consistently applied creativity and innovation in numerous research initiatives that have led to significant economic development opportunities for Maine and for industry. His energetic and effective leadership has been instrumental in these interdisciplinary research accomplishments.

Pendse is the founding director of the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute and chair of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. As one of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of colloid instrumentation and forest bioproducts, he exemplifies the University of Maine’s excellence.

His research and creative achievements rely on the boundary-spanning interdisciplinary teams he assembles. Colleagues enthusiastically cite Pendse’s pioneering work for its quality and profound insights. Equally important, he has been recognized for turning scientific discoveries into innovative economic opportunities.

Through his leadership, especially in the area of forest bioproducts research, Pendse has also inspired innovative research and creativity in other University of Maine faculty and in industry. His influence extends far beyond campus in ways that have a positive, lasting impact on the university, our state and the nation. He is a consummate visionary and, based on his creativity and leadership, a role model for young faculty and students.

Pendse’s research has put the University of Maine on the national map of leading research institutions in wood-based biofuels. He brings a sense of mission and personal drive to his research team, making the University of Maine a stronger institution.

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