Armstrong donates Ultima® Ceiling panels, with AirGuard™ Coating, for the FBRI Building on UMaine Campus

“Armstrong Commercial Ceiling and Wall Systems is pleased to support the FBRI as it provides a gathering place of collaboration, education, and research to develop the next generation of forest bio-products. In recognition of the FBRI mission, we are pleased to donate Ultima® Ceiling panels with AirGuard™ Coating, the first coating for ceiling tiles that actively removes formaldehyde and other aldehydes from the air.  It is in the spirit of innovation that Armstrong applauds the fine work done by the FBRI in the hopes that all manufacturers can provide consumer products that leave a smaller ecological footprint on the planet,” said Ken Kehrer at the FBRI Advisory Board meeting held on October 6, 2011.

Gourish Sirdeshpande and Dr. Eckardt, UMaine Vicepresident of Research

 Armstrong Researcher, Dr. Sirdeshpande, who received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 2007, is seen here on the construction site with Dr. Eckarhdt, UMaine vice-president of research, discussing pre and post air quality tests.