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Outreach - Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)


2012 REU Kick off Group: Students and Faculty

2012 REU Kick off Group: Students and Faculty


UMaine Summer 2015  REU  for Sustainable Forest Bioproducts Information

For more information about the program please go to the following blog:

FBRI Education Blog


Applications may be made by submission of the following form. Note that your application will not be reviewed until we receive your two letters of reference, in addition to an academic transcript. It is the applicants responsibility to organize for letters of reference and transcripts to be submitted. Questions regarding the program may be addressed to Please email your letters of reference and transcripts to Wendy Erickson. Her contact email is or mail to: Wendy Erickson, Forest Bioproducts Research Institute, 5737 Jenness Hall, Rm. 147, Orono, ME 04469



Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in The University of Maine and University of Concepción, Chile
During the Summer of 2014, the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute offers for the third year an opportunity for 10 highly qualified undergraduate students to participate in research for a 10 week period, 06/01 – 08/07/2015 .
This research experience is funded by the National Science Foundation.
Women, minorities and students with disabilities are strongly urged to apply to the program.

Award Includes:
• $5000 Stipend + On Campus Housing Provided
• 2 of the 10 Students to Perform their Research in Chile
• Week Long Research Experience & Exchange in Chile for all Students
• Opportunity to Perform Research on Pressing Global Issues Relating to Sustainable Product Development and Biofuel Generation from Woody Biomass

Research Opportunities
• Sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis
• Feedstock Extraction/ Modification
• Process Control and Sensing
• Nanomaterials Production and Utilization
• New Product Development
• Nanotechnology Risk Assessment


Forest Operaions • Resource Economics • Bioproducts • Bioenergy • Biology • Chemistry • Chemical Engineering • Bioengineering •Material Science • Nanotechnology

• Current undergraduate in sophomore or junior year
• US Citizen or permanent resident
• Must have a valid passport

• Fundamental and Applied Forest Bioproducts Research
• Access to State-of-the-Art Research Equipment and Facilities
• Technical Writing and Oral Presentation Opportunities
• Ethics Workshop
• A Series of Evening and Recreational Activities
• Field Trips!

Contact Information
Wendy Erickson
5737 Jenness Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5737
Tel: (207) 581-1489
Fax: (207) 581-9418


2013 REU Participants List

2013 Participant – Mentor Pairs and Their Projects

Sixteen students from 14 universities were selected to start the REU 2012 Program

REU 2012 in Masisa Plant, Chile

UMaine Professors David Neivandt and Douglas Gardner with REU 2012 Participants in Masisa Plant, Chile

Rebecca and Jess REU2012
2012 REU Students: Rebecca and Jess

Review past REU Summer Experiences:

Program Overview

Brittany Oetter REU07

Brittany Oetter from University of Colorado testing resistance of E.Coli KO11 to acetic acid

  1. The REU bioproducts research opportunity in Maine includes the following assets and opportunities:
    Maine is the most heavily forested state in the nation.
  2. It has a highly integrated wood products industry (energy, pulp & paper sawmills, OSB, etc.) that is of primary importance to the state.
  3. Maine has an internationally-established engineered wood composites research program at the university including the top Pulp & Paper research and education program in the US at the University.
  4. It is a historically “green” state, with governmental support solidly behind this project.
  5. Forest stakeholders, large landowners, industry, small business, educational institutions, and government have a history of working together to enhance forest productivity and subsequent business.
  6. Maine is already committed to the development of a large scale forest-based bio-refinery as a technology validation and demonstration facility.


Ryan Lena reu07

Ryan Lena, from Tufts University preparing nanofibrillated cellulose samples for morphological testing




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