James Hargreaves

I am a Chemical Engineer with 25 years experience in pulp and paper and forest products industry.  My positions included Biorefinery Pilot Plant Supervisor, Recycle Plant Supervisor, Lime Kiln/Recast Assistant Superintendent, Paper Machine Stock-Prep Supervisor, Paper Machine Production Engineer, Pulp Mill Sr. Process Engineer, Chemical Sales Representative, and Chemical Sales Application Engineer.

As a Research Engineer for FBRI, I analyze, design, and conduct experiments and pilot studies.  I supply information to assist others in scale-up efforts.  We identify equipment, operate the equipment, and improve procedures and techniques to advance Forest Bioproducts.  The knowledge and skills I gained at the local Kraft pulp mill biorefinery apply directly to my current Research Engineering position at the University of Maine.  The two positions have many similarities.  All of my education (B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Maine, 1991), pilot plant, and production experience help me provide meaningful and highly applicable information.