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FBRI Mission:

To provide and promote technology validation and partnerships that will meet societal needs for materials, chemicals and fuels in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.

FBRI Outreach Objectives:

  • Engage Government:
  1.  Maine Legislators visit to FBRI labs twice every year
  • Engage Industry/Community:
  1. Ongoing tours to interested industry and community leaders
  2. The Maine Development Foundation/Foster Innovation Center will be bringing the new Leadership Maine (business and non-profit leaders) class and their new Education Leaders (K-12 school administrators) class to UMaine to learn more about our role in the state in economic development, workforce development
  3. Margaret Chase Smith Center’s Maine Leadership Institute participants
  •  Engage Students – K-12 Education/ Post-Secondary:
  1. High School/middle school tours year around
  2. Girl Scouts tours and hands on activities
  3. Expanding your Horizon Participants
  4. 4-H members’ tours and hands on activities
  5. Maine Summer Transportation Institute
  6. Institutes for Sustainable Energy Leaders of the Future for Middle Schools and High Schools
  7. Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
Promote Forest Health for a Stable Bio-Economy Understand and Promote Wood Components Create and Commercialize New Bioproducts