Peter Van Walsum

Peter van WalsumMy Research

We are developing biomass processing operations, both chemical and biological, for fractionating and converting biomass feedstocks to value added fuels and bioproducts. We have done most of our work starting with woody biomass, but we are also actively engaged with marine derived resources such as marine macro algae ( seaweeds), producing products suitable for either food or industrial markets. Our work on seaweed feedstocks is part of the current UMaine EPSCoR SEANET project, developing sustainable ecological aquaculture in the state of Maine. Current research efforts are directed at acid hydrolysis processes for chemical production from biomass, and drying and fractionation of marine macro algae. Process modeling based on laboratory and pilot findings is applied to identify optimal process configurations.


In Other Words

Both the forest and marine resource industries are key to the current and future prosperity of Maine. My research group is actively working with others on campus and in the state to develop sustainable and profitable enterprises that wisely utilize Maine’s abundant resources for the benefit of Maine the our planet as a whole.

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5737 Jenness Hall, Room 311
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469
tel: (207) 581-2226