Peter McBride

My Research

The goal of the project is to produce a listing of primary round-wood processors in the state of Maine. Data are being collected on mill locations, equipment, and products. More than 300 surveys will be sent to mills by the end of February, 2008. The information obtained from these surveys will be compiled into a listing of mills on a county by county basis. With the cooperation of the Maine Forest Service this information will be made available to the public on the state’s website as well as in print form.

My research will be directed at analyzing the data provided by the survey. The directory was last published in the year 2000 and I will be looking at what has happened to the mills in terms of their numbers, products, and equipment since that time. I hope to gain insight into Maine’s wood market that will be useful to foresters, landowners, and the mills themselves.

In Other Words

The last time a mill directory was published for Maine was in 2000. With the help of the Maine Forest Service, I hope to collect information ranging from the types of equipment used to whether or not mills are buying certified wood. I plan on using this information to create the 2008 Maine Primary Wood Processors Directory and assist the forest products industry by providing information to potential buyers and sellers, thereby enhancing local markets

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