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Dr. Nancy Kravit
Dr. Nancy Kravit

Nancy Kravit, Ph.D inventor of the Tethys Research LLC, co-founded the company and serves as Chief Executive Scientist, directing all scientific operations. In 25 years as a research scientist, Dr. Kravit has developed important new techniques in the areas of cell biology and protein chemistry, and has discovered several new genes.  Her current project on behalf of FBRI is called “New Enzymes for Biopulping”.  In cooperation with the University of Maine, Tethys is working to develop an environmentally-friendly, enzyme-assisted pulping method

” I am bioprospecting for microorganisms that cleave ether bonds
between lignin and hemicellulose.  My laboratory isolates and
characterizes the microorganisms and the enzymes responsible for the
etherase activities.  I search for new enzymes that can break apart wood structure into its major components.  My laboratory then designs environmentally friendly, efficient methods based on the new enzymes to use wood for paper, biofuels, and chemicals.”  Dr. Nancy Kravit

An enzyme that cleaves the ether bonds of hemicellulose to lignin can have significant economic and environmental impact on the manufacturing of bleached paper products, thermomechanical paper products such as newsprint, fermentable sugars for ethanol and chemical generation, and new products specifically derived from the polymeric forms of hemicellulose.

Tethys logoTethys Research LLC is an innovative biotechnology company pioneering a bold new technology to increase diversity in microbial biotransformation.Tethys’ unique proprietary approach increases the range of available enzyme reactions for exploration without requiring any additional molecular tools.As a result, Tethys can search for new enzymes and enzyme products at lower cost than companies using gene-based high-throughput screening strategies. Tethys serves as a leading edge discovery company, utilizing its technology under contract to or in partnership with other companies that produce and market chemical products.  www.tethysresearch.com