Charles Coup

Charles CoupI am fascinated by the application of thoughtfully designed harvesting systems and management regimes that produce desired outcomes and forest characteristics. Forest operations is intriguing to me because it is where our knowledge of “all things forestry” mixes with cultural, social and economic goals and finally meets the forest – where the pen meets the paper.

My Research

Harvesting different parts of the forest resource for biomass will require analyzing the way that we currently harvest trees and identifying changes that will need to be made. My research looks at ways in which mechanical biomass harvesting operations can be made more productive. My research also looks at ways in which biomass harvesting, combined with vegetation control, could improve the overall forest resource for the future.

In Other Words

My research involves studying mechanized biomass harvesting systems commonly employed in Maine. In particular I am focusing on the effects of spacing harvest trails at smaller intervals in stands harvested for biomass. The research involves whole tree harvesting of three different low value hardwood stands dominated by diseased beech using a tracked feller buncher with a hot saw head. The project is integrated with a silvicultural study looking at possible vegetative management treatments that can be utilized in conjunction with biomass harvesting to rehabilitate young beech-dominated stands in Maine. This part of the research involves applying glyphosate to undesirable tree species within the harvest blocks through pre-harvest injection and post harvest foliar applications.

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104 Nutting Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469