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In view of establishing myself as an international leader in the exciting field of sustainability science, my primary research interest (that cuts across disciplines) is modeling and simulation of complex natural ecosystems in industrial symbiosis context. In this endeavor, collaborating with academic and industrial researchers as well as other stakeholders to pursue this evolving research in sustainable production and consumption of forest resource based products and services is extremely important. One of the research works that I am currently pursuing is “Sustainability of Forest Bio-products: Understanding Economic Potentials, Environmental and Social Impacts through Life Cycle and Systems Perspective Approaches”. I am exploring the applicability of dynamic life cycle and other systems perspective modeling approaches for integrated societal, economic, and environmental impact assessment of forest ecosystems. This is part of the broader theme of dynamic interactions of environmental systems and society.

In Other Words

My work really looks into how we can preserve our overall ecological landscape while harnessing the potentials of forest resources for the good of the economy and the people. I am investigating and developing scenario models similar to computer games to mimic the forest and its related industries. These models will help us comprehensively understand what its eventual impacts to our society and environment. With the use of computer models, we will be able to demonstrate how the forest resources and its residues can be converted to highly value adding goods efficiently and optimally. We will know the economic, environmental and social impacts to the landowners, tree planters, wood chips processors, pulp and paper industry, bio-products industry, employees, consumers and other stakeholders of the Maine supply chains. Eventually, we would be able to suggest policies and practices that could result to sustainable forest operations, forest bio-industry and hopefully a sustainable and oil-independent Maine economy.

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