Aaron Weiskittel

Aaron WeiskittelDr. Aaron Weiskittel is the new forest bioproducts and modeling faculty member supported by the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute. Aaron completed his Ph.D. and M.S. in forestry with Doug Maguire (UMaine graduate and former faculty member) at Oregon State University. Prior to joining the faculty, Aaron was a researcher with The Weyerhaeuser Company in the Pacific Northwest. Although his expertise is in the plantation forestry of the Pacific Northwest, Aaron does have a background in hardwood silviculture as he obtained his B.S. in forestry from Ohio State University. His research interests include improving regional growth and yield models, individual tree volume predictions and understanding regional variation in maximum site productivity.

My Research

My research focuses on the development of empirical and process-based models to predict biomass growth and yield across a range of forest types. These models can be used to forecast changes in biomass due to varying silvicultural regimes, changes in annual weather patterns, and the interaction between these factors. In addition, I am also working on a high-resolution map of potential biomass density for the region and methodology for measuring stand biomass effectively. Finally, I will be exploring the potential of remote sensing technologies such as LiDAR and Landsat to predict forest biomass. Essentially, my research is intended to quantify, characterize, and model the region’s forest biomass resource.

In Other Words

Foresters need tools to help them to manage forests in a sound manner. Computer simulation models of forest growth assist in predicting changes in the forest and evaluating the timing and intensity of management activities. Foresters also need maps of forest potential productivity so that they can evaluate the effectiveness of their management and plan sustainable harvests. The development of these tools can be aided with technology such as satellites that continuously monitor the development and extent of the forest. Understanding how to use this data effectively will help to detect changes in the forest more quickly and at a significantly lower cost.

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E-mail: aaron.weiskittel@umit.maine.edu