William Desisto

William DesistoMy Research

The focus of my research group is to investigate novel methods for preparing porous inorganic membranes with controlled pore size and functionality. Collaboratively, we are also investigating the fundamental properties of molecular behavior within the pores of these membranes. Additionally, we are looking at using these porous membranes and materials as catalyst supports for both Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and upgrading of pyrolysis oil via hydrodeoxygenation. Application of these thin film synthetic methods will contribute to micro-array combinatorial screening of catalyst/support material and contribute to fundamental knowledge of the role of support pore size in catalyst activity and selectivity.

In Other Words

Most materials that we use in the world today are man-made. The way in which we make these materials directly relates to how well they perform for us. The materials I am primarily interested in are those with tiny pores inside. These materials have many uses. One particular use is in chemical processing of wood waste into useful chemicals and fuels. The more we can understand how to make porous materials of various types, the better they will ultimately perform and positively impact our lives, particularly in the critical area of energy conservation.

Contact Information

5737 Jenness Hall, Room 305
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469
tel: (207) 581-2291
E-mail: wdesisto@umche.maine.edu