Technology Research Center

Location: 880 Main Street, Old Town, ME 04468
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Mailing and Contact Address: Amy Luce,  Manager Jenness Hall 143, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04468
Email:  Phone: 207-581-1453

The University of Maine’s Forest Bioproducts Research Institute’s new Technology Research Center (TRC) validates, demonstrates, and helps commercialize developing fuel, chemical and advanced material technologies from forest bioproducts at an industrially relevant scale. It  provides wood suppliers and wood users the opportunity to collaborate with each other and with University of Maine faculty researchers. TRC is a one-stop shop for processing and analysis of technologies. The 40,000-square-foot facility, located on the grounds of ND Paper in Old Town, Maine, features state-of-the-art process control and process information systems. TRC was funded by a $4.8 million Maine Technology Institute grant and private contributions.

“The Technology Research Center allows us to take the research out of our labs and demonstrate and validate it at industrially relevant scales to help rapid commercialization.” —Hemant Pendse, Director, Forest Bioproducts Research Institute.

FBRI TRC Flyer 2018

• Is a fee-for-service operation
• Provides objective, independent testing
• Protects intellectual property and shares precompetitive best practices
• Meets all necessary approved environmental permitting standards
• Accepts any cellulosic feedstock
• Offers clients access to University of Maine faculty and visiting researchers
• Provides research opportunities for graduate students and hands-on experience
for undergraduates

• Chemical and physical testing for pilot-scale campaigns
• Gas and liquid chromatography
• Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
• Wet chemical characterization
• Analytical method development
• In-process and final product material characterization

• Multiple-unit operation
• Biomass size reduction, screening, pretreatment, extraction and cooking
• Fermentation
• Chemical reaction
• Pelletization
• Liquid-liquid extraction
• Distillation

Media Coverage of TRC Opening on June 19,2012

“I am delighted to see the expansion of the University of Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute. I have worked hard to secure federal dollars for the important work that you have done to help bring Maine to the forefront in the development of forest-based bioproducts. This new Technology Research Center will enable you to expand and further your efforts to create jobs, build new businesses, and train future scientists. Your hard work and dedication to excellence are to be commended.”

-Senator Susan Collins

“At a time when high energy costs continue to burden Maine families, today’s grand opening of the Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute’s new Technology Research Center signals a landmark day for research into utilizing Maine’s forests for energy solutions. As the most heavily forested state in the United States, Maine has a tremendous asset that has powered our State for generations and this facility will continue to advance Maine’s efforts to take advantage of this resource to expand our economy. Collaboration between researchers and the business community is critical in competing in a modern economy and I am encouraged that this University of Maine facility, through the generosity of Old Town Fuel and Fiber, will further expand our united effort to develop and commercialize products that will continue to power our forest products industry for a new generation.”

-Senator Olympia Snowe