Recovery of acetic acid from pulp mill-derived hemicellulose extract

Who’s Involved?

Research Introduction

Two methods of acetic acid recovery are under investigation: solvent extraction at low pH and extraction by tertiary amines at neutral pH. The different options for the pH of the recovery may lead to alternate processing options up and down stream of the acetic acid recovery step.

Research Details

Acetic acid is a commonly used industrial chemical and is also a food product–known as vinegar! Acetic acid is a minor component of wood. It can be extracted from wood chips using hot water and chemicals. This project seeks to recover the acetic acid from a watery solution produced by a pulp mill so that the acetic acid can be sold as a pure chemical.

What’s New on this Project?

This is a new project. Experiments are being designed to test and compare different technologies for the recovery of acetic acid from pulp mill-derived hemicellulose extracts. Initial work is being planned for acetic acid recovery from simple model systems. Future work will investigate the methods on actual process extracts.